Industry: Nutricare & Skincare
Project scope: Concept Design, Packaging Design

Creative minimalistic packaging design for the nutricare brand based in Switzerland.

The goal of the brand is to underline the importance of self care to promote healthy aging. In order to achieve that, Editedcare offers customers a complete toolkit (Skincare & Nutricare).

The idea of the packaging design was based on the concept of combining Skincare and Nutricare, which together created Editedcare. The 360° sign (and at the same time the Brand logo) is a visual synonym for this concept. Bottom 180° means Skincare, top 180° - Nutricare. Together they create Editedcare logo.

The idea was also embodied in the packaging design, which always consists of two layers - Outer layer and Inner layer, (= Top and Bottom, Skincare and Nutricare) creating an integer. In the case of the doy bags, parcel becomes the second layer, and in the case of creams & serums, boxes do.

Minimalistic and stylish packaging design in Warsaw.
Creative and minimalistic packaging concept for the beauty brand based in Europe.
Packaging design concept.
Doy bags design concept for the nutricare brand based in Switzerland.
Creative label design in Warsaw and Europe.
Creative doy bag design for the beauty brand.
Stylish and organic colour palette.
Stylish typographical composition for the beauty brand packagings.
High quality label design in Warsaw.
High quality label design in Europe.
High quality label design and art direction in Warsaw.
Bottle and packaging design for the beauty brand in Europe.
The design of the beauty brand boxes and bottles in Warsaw.
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