Warsaw Eco Campaign

Industry: Social
Project scope: Book design, Illustrations, Posters Design

in collaboration with MUFU Design Studio
Social ecological campaign poster design, citylight design.

Eco campaign for Wawer district in Warsaw. The campaign is called Ekobologiczny, a slogan that combines logic and ecology. Ecology is supposed to be logical. Logical actions are ecological. The campaign creation was started with the logo design. The logo is a Lego-like block, presented in isometry.

The Key Visual of the campaign is based on unique illustrations in the engraving style, with vintage textures and saturated colours. The goal of the campaign is to teach the inhabitants about innovative and simple eco life hacks that will easily allow them to be more ecological and logical in their everyday life. For this reason, eco-recipes book was also created. It includes retro-style illustrations and topics on ecology.

Ecological lego isometrical logo design for social campaign in Warsaw.
Unique icon set for the eco campaign in Warsaw.
Book cover illustration for the eco campaign. Concept of the creative cover design.
Illustration and book layout design for the eco campaign in Warsaw.
Eco life hacks illustrations in retro style, illustrator in Warsaw.
Ecological recipes for the social campaign in Europe.
Eco life hacks illustrations
Retro style illustrations as part of social city campaign.
Healthy life hacks illustrated in retro style for the eco book.
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