Green over concrete

Industry: Social Campaign, Warsaw
Project scope: Poster design, Illustration

Social poster design and unique illustration for the city project.

More trees, more shrubs, more plants and beautifully blooming flowers, more insects and birds, more spaces where people in Warsaw can breathe, recharge and relax. This is the city we want to live in.

This is what the new Warsaw campaign is about – taking action to remove concrete slabs and plant beautiful greens in their place. Such action was carried out in the very center of the city, on Plac Defilad. The poster is a summary of the project and it is intended to educate inhabitants and tell them how they can help with actions like these and also take part in making the city greener.

High quality pooster design in Warsaw. Green over concrete social project.
Warsaw city project.
Poster illustrations are base on the real photos of the action.
Deconcreting poster.
Illustrated poster based on photos, Warsaw social project.
Organizer: Teatr Studio
Сurators: Aleksandra Litorowicz, Bogna Świątkowska
Deconcreting: Grupa Tree
Greening: Szkółki Grąbczewscy
Project: A-A Collective, Pracownia Architektury Krajobrazu
Partners: Fundacja Bęc Zmiana, Fundacja Puszka, Grupa Projektowa Centrala
Photos: Sisi Cecylia
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