The Hidet

Industry: Men's accessories
Project scope: Brand Design, Stationery

Elegant logo design for premium brand producing men's jewellery.

The Hidet is a story of one Detail.

I’m telling this story visually by using the circle/dot shape (the part of the letter "i" from the brand name). This circle mirrors the shape of the natural stone from The Hidet products and becomes an important visual element of the whole brand story. It is used both as a concept for the product presentation and a shape of the certificate. Its concept is incorporated into the brand motto as well.

Elegant visual identity for men's accessories brand. Branding in Europe and United States.
Logo design concept. Conscious branding in Warsaw.
Premium colour palette for the jewellery brand.
Premium visual identity elements.
Concept of the bracelets social media presentation.
Premium and unique certificate design for men's accessories brand.
Premium and stylish business card design for the fashion brand.
Elegant postcards design for men's accessories brand.
Brand paper design in line with the guidelines.

Other logo propositions created during the project

Luxurious logo design for the brand based in Warsaw.
Visual identity project.
Logo design presentation for the men's accessories brand.
Conscious brand system for the fashion brand.
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